After one use of 20 minutes after an 8 hour shift (during which, due to the nature of ASL (American Sign Language) his wrists were often extended), he reported he was feeling much better. He rated his change in discomfort a 7/10 to a 1/10. During this trial and subsequently since, he took no pain meds or ice, and I didn’t do any massage or stretching. He used it again about a week later after another long 8 hour shift and he rated his pain reduction from a 6/10 to a 0/10.

Dr. Renee Nason

My elbow has been very sore for a long time. I have been using the brace for a little over two weeks using a heat pad wrapped around my elbow for 25 minutes then put on the brace for twenty minutes. When I  take the brace off it feels a little tight but then I wrap it again with the heat pad for another twenty-five minutes and it is pain free. This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone with elbow pain similar to mine.

Stephen Sereda

Desperate to find a solution to early retirement at the age of 33 I found Armlock and I’m so glad I did. 20-30 minutes of stretching a day have made my job and my social life care-free again. The brace is comfortable and easy to put on. Gives mommy twenty minutes of downtime after a long day to stretch out tight muscles and recharge for the next day. Within days I found relief. It feels so good to stretch out years of overwork on my arms.

Sara Reber