Registered Dental Hygienist

I’ve been working in the Dental field for over 10 years now and it’s definitely taken it’s toll on my body. Being taught proper ergonomics in school, I always tried to keep proper body positioning in mind to prevent long term “wear and tear”. Sadly, you get busy and rushed and you let all good habits fail. Being left handed in a right handed chair never helps – equipment and chair setup is never quite ideal. Just before summer I started noticing sharp pains in the left elbow, and occasionally my right, when I bent my arm. Concerned instantly about any type of tendinitis or injury I immediately got it looked at. Tennis elbow is a tricky one, rest is key. Working full-time in a Dental office with young kids at home isn’t exactly following that regimen. Desperate to find a solution to early early retirement at the age of 33 I found Armlock and I’m so glad I did. 20-30 minutes of stretching a day has made my job and my social life care-free again. The brace is comfortable and easy to put on. Gives mommy twenty minutes of downtime after a long day to stretch out tights muscles and recharge for the next day 🙂 Within days I found relief. It feels so good to stretch out years of over work on my arms. I couldn’t imagine the road I could’ve been on if I didn’t find Armlock. Forever grateful for my career and to restore the quality of my family life.