testimonials from some of the patients involved in the University of Alberta research study

Yeah, very much. The pain one is paddling with a canoe, it was the issue. And I have done that since I was using it and no issues at all.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 39

I can definitely see a change in the activities I can do. I can now do most of my activities bilaterally while before I was compensating from the pain on my left side.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 49

I mean it literally got me doing everything again so hockey, golf, putting in pants, opening the door knob, opening jars, typing more consistently.

Yeah decreased all decreased. Like yeah so I couldn’t pick up a cup of coffee, couldn’t put on my pants, couldn’t open a door handle or all that kinda stuff. So all that is improved, back to playing hockey, back opening a jar, everything like that. Like after a couple rounds of golf still feels tight, but then I put it back on, the armlock and symptoms go away.

Ammh, half hour at a time for some people might be a pain in the butt, but I didn’t mind it because it did provide results.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 20

Yeah, it definitely did. I mean there was really nothing I was particularly avoiding. It was more so like everytime I went climbing my arm would hurt, so it definitely helped me with climbing, so reduced that barrier I guess.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 11

Yeah I think so, I think so. I mean the biggest thing I noticed was not being aware of the discomfort in the elbow and I really didn’t do any other exercises.

I noticed it the other day when I was picking up groceries and I thought oh I can carry all of them inside and I am putting more in my right hand and I thought that was kind of the tell tale sign. And as a hygienist I noticed last Thursday that it wasn’t hurting, my elbow wasn’t hurting. I thought maybe it did work. So that was good.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 19

Yes, they got better, symptoms were just mobility in my elbow and soreness in my arm and a lot of pain in my elbow, and as I started using it it started going away and I started feeling even more strengthened in my arm too.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 61

I found that it improved, actually it nearly rid it of all of my tennis elbow pain.

U of A Research Study Patient Mal 08