The ArmLock Sleeve

On a young person, you would not see a restriction in the flexibility of these muscles. Repeated stress, as we work and play, can cause these tissues to tighten up.

The ArmLock stretches the three muscles that attach to the outside of the elbow that causes Tennis Elbow.

  1. Extensor Carpi Radius Brevis
  2. Extensor Digitorium Communis
  3. Superficial head of the Supinator

Cautionary Note

It is recommended that you consult your Health Care Professional to confirm that your elbow pain is due to  “Repetitive Strain” type Tennis Elbow.

The following conditions may be aggravated by the ArmLock:

  1. *Not for Acute Tennis Elbow
  2. Arthritis and/or joint instability of the fingers, wrist or elbow.
  3. Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

*Symptoms must have existed for two months or longer to allow for inflammation to settle prior to stretching. For athletes, use the brace during the off-season to help with ‘stretching out’ and healing the affected tissues.

A Stretch That Heals

Using the Armlock to Stretch the Ailing Muscle

The ArmLock device works by putting the muscles implicated in Tennis Elbow on a gentle, but prolonged stretch, essentially “pulling out” these tender areas.  The stretch recommended is a half an hour a day. It may be a constant stretch, but several periods of 10 minutes work as well.




Success hinges on three areas: improving access; reducing cost; and increasing convenience.

Improving Access:  The brace is your therapist.  You do not have to drive to a clinic to have your therapist do this, who also would only do it for a minute or two, and even then only if they are appropriately trained to do so.

Cost: The cost of one physical therapy treatment equates to the cost of the brace, but you can use the brace over and over again.

Convenience:  You can do this at home, no need to drive to a physio clinic. Stretch right after supper to do your therapy, while watching TV.