Understanding the ArmLock Sleeve

What the Armlock Treats

The Armlock treats Tennis Elbow by stretching the muscles that have been involved in repetitive work or play.  Thousands of daily repetitions can inflame the tissues and slowly over time cause these muscles to become tight, forming knots, and trigger points which refer pain to the lateral epicondyle. The heart muscle can refer pain to the shoulder during a heart attack, so these forearm muscles refer pain to the tip of the elbow.

How Does It Work?

The ArmLock device works by putting the muscles implicated in Tennis Elbow on a gentle, but prolonged stretch, essentially “pulling out” these tender areas.  The stretch recommended is half an hour a day. It may be a constant stretch, but several periods of 10 minutes works as well.

The Armlock Device

The device consists of Velcro at the tips of the fingers and the corresponding Velcro in the palm.  The Velcro is specialized in that it grips in one direction only, allowing the fingers to flex against the palm, but preventing them from extending.  With the fingers locked in flexion, the rest of the device locks the elbow into extension and the wrist into flexion and pronation.

trigger point pain cycle